‘What a Jack…’: Don Lemon Reacts in Disgust to Marco Rubio’s Praise of Trump Convoy Swarming Biden Bus


CNN’s Don Lemon reacted with disgust and mockery at Sen. Marco Rubio’s public defense of a Trump convoy that dangerously swarmed a Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway and briefly sideswiped a Biden staffer’s car over the weekend.

On Saturday, a Biden campaign bus near Austin, Texas was surrounded on an interstate by Trump supporters in vehicles, which then attempted to box in and force the bus to the side of the road. The Biden campaign eventually made it to its destination but cancelled its event out of concern for its surrogates and attendees’ safety. The moment quickly went viral and drew vocal condemnation and the FBI has since announced it has begun an investigation of the incident.

In a discussion with former Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich, Lemon singled out Rubio, who praised the vehicular intervention at a campaign rally in Florida on Sunday. “Did you see it? All the cars on the road,” Rubio said. “We love what they did.”

“So, let’s talk about this — praising the Trump supporters who tried to force a Biden bus in Texas off the road. Take a listen to this,” an exasperated Lemon said, queueing up a clip of Rubio making light of the Trump ambush.

As the video ended, a disgusted Lemon quickly weighed in.

“What a jack…” Lemon said, catching himself as Kasich sympathetically closed his eyes in frustration. “I mean, we expect this from the president because we’ve seen it so much. What is is Marco Rubio doing?”

“I’m just shocked to hear him say that, ” Kasich responded. “Moving that bus off the freeway, there was a report at least on the news, so we can believe it, that the FBI is investigating that.”

Lemon broke in during Kasich’s answer and told his control room to put the camera back on him.

“Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio, if you’re listening right now,” Lemon said. “Imagine your family was on that bus, your wife and kids were on that bus, and you’re saying that that is something that’s good? You’re encouraging that? What is wrong with you? I didn’t say what happened to you, because you’ve always been wishy-washy about where you stand on things. But what is wrong with you?! There are people on that bus whose lives were in jeopardy. John, go on, I can’t even believe he would say crap like that.”

“I think sometimes, Don, they get caught up in the moment. That’s the only way I can _ it just was wrong for him — I’m stunned, frankly,” Kasich added. “Look, I was on the stage with Marco. There were a lot of debates. Trump attacked him, you know, they really went at each other, and you hear this today, and I just can’t believe it. So I don’t know what to say. You know, I never liked to personally attack anybody, but what he did down there, obviously caught up in the enthusiasm. If I did something like that, I’d be sleeping outside. My wife wouldn’t let me in the house.”

“You know I would call you. You know the phone calls we would have,” Lemon interjected.

“You should call me. I mean, it’s just unbelievable.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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