Conan O’Brien Promises to Travel to Greenland to Help Trump Negotiate: ‘Greenland for Florida’?


Comedian Conan O’Brien picked up on the out-of-left-field idea by President Donald Trump to purchase Greenland and proclaimed that he would travel to the world’s biggest island to help broker the deal: “So Denmark, I’m ready to sweeten the deal. There’s a couple of ways we could do it. We could do a straight trade. Greenland for Florida, OK?”

Trump has been roundly mocked for his apparently serious suggestion that the United States explore buying the Danish autonomous region, which is definitely not for sale. But O’Brien expressed his (mock) excitement about the idea and said he was willing to pitch in first-hand to close the sale.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from watching hundreds of hours of Property Brothers, saying ‘It’s not for sale’ is the classic opening gambit,” O’Brien said, with tongue clearly in cheek. “That means you’re ready to go. Greenland is definitely for sale. And, ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t move fast, some other country is going to overpay for it. Yeah, China, that lookie-lou, is going to come in all cash, snatch it up.”

“So Denmark, I’m ready to sweeten the deal,” he added. “There’s a couple of ways we could do it. We could do a straight trade. Greenland for Florida, OK? Yeah. Trust me, this is our best state. And please do not Google ‘Florida.’ Not convinced yet? How about this, Greenland, once you’re part of the United States, you’ll be enrolled in the US Healthcare system. That’s right. Yeah. Also, please do not Google ‘US Healthcare system.’ Please.”

O’Brien then made his pledge to travel to Greenland to seal the deal.

“To make sure this purchase goes through, I, Conan O’Brien, will personally travel to Greenland,” he said. “Going to be an amazing trip. And here’s my promise. If I do not make this deal to purchase Greenland, if I do not make this deal, I, Conan O’Brien, will never, ever again step foot on American soil.”

At mention of this, his studio audience leapt up and gave a standing ovation.

Watch the video above, via TBS.

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