Stuart Varney Blames Drop in Grammys Ratings on ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’

The ratings are in for this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony and, as The Hollywood Reporter noted, they are down 21 percent from 2017. That’s a pretty steep drop.

Stuart Varney, savior of the common man in our endless battle against the elites, thinks he knows why the ratings were lackluster in comparison to previous years.

It was all that trashing of President Donald Trump.

“I think this has a lot do with the opening of the show, which was just an anti-Trump diatribe,” he said. “Why is it that the cultural elites detest the man?”

Varney went on to say that all of this Trump bashing “is not doing the country any good.”

Of course, it must be noted that there wasn’t actually that much bashing of the president during the ceremony. It aired on CBS, a notoriously cautious network, given their demographic. The “Fire and Fury” bit, along with a few offhand asides made up the bulk of the anti-Trump rhetoric.

In other news, 2017 saw a gigantic uptick in “cord cutting,” meaning those who forgo traditional television in favor of streaming services like Netflix. That couldn’t have anything to do with it, right?

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