Breakfast Links: Jet-Setting Chefs Taking On the World

Take it on tour: Heston Blumenthal’s recipe for keeping restaurant on its toes (The Guardian)

With so many chefs taking their acclaimed restaurants on the road — Heston Blumenthal and Rene Redzepi — the Guardian gets tiny sneak peeks into the international concepts. Says Redzepi about taking Noma to Japan, “Our food will have the same sensibility but it will be very different … It will have to be – when you are using, say, lily bulbs from Hokkaido rather than potatoes from North Zealand.”

Bank robber shot by police identified as popular chef (Seattle Times)

Major incident rocking the Seattle restaurant world: a popular sous chef at the Walrus, Cody Spafford, was fatally shot by police after allegedly robbing a bank at gunpoint and threatening a police officer.

Hungry for Savings (Slate)

An expose on Walmart’s charitable givings to anti-hunger foundations — and how their insanely miserably low-paying wages are keeping its own employees on food stamps. Excuse us if this induces rage against The Man and Walmart — it’s an important read.

Putin Banned From ‘Mighty Taco’ Restaurant (Huffington Post)

And in happier (weirder) news … Don’t try going to Buffalo, N.Y., Putin.

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