The Food Network Pulls Paula Deen’s Episodes From Schedule, Spares Her Son

The Food Network is serious about firing Paula Deen, y’all: Eater reports that the network has scrubbed all of Deen’s shows from the current lineup — for this weekend, at least.

Soon after the network announced that they would not renew her contract, they replaced two episodes of Paula’s Best Dishes, scheduled to air yesterday, with two episodes of Giada At Home.  Hoping that Deen managed to make it to her normal 9:30 EST timeslot today? Sorry. There’s an episode fo The Pioneer Woman airing right now.

Mercifully enough, the Food Network kept her son Bobby Deen on the air and his show is scheduled to air tonight. Man, it’s a good thing the show’s called Not My Mama’s Meals — the concept that he’s Not His Mama is literally in the title. (The concept that he’s Not Also A Racist Like His Mama is only implied.) Also, it’s a very good sign that the Food Network does not model themselves after the North Korean “guilt-by-association” justice system.


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