Usain Bolt To Open A Restaurant With Gordon Ramsay?

The world’s fastest man’s next dream: to open up a restaurant with the world’s (insert pejorative here) Scottish chef.

In an interview with The Sun, world champion sprinter Usain Bolt revealed that he’d love to open up a sports-themed restaurant with Gordon Ramsay, of all people. “I love food and I love sport,” he revealed. “I have a dream of putting the two together.”

Even though Bolt already has a pretty standard sports bar of his own in Kingston, Jamaica, he acknowledged that the food at sports-themed restaurants usually tastes subpar. (Hence, why Jay-Z once sued a recipe-stealing chef at the sports-themed 40/40 Club for $1.5 million.) “If I ever did it, I would need to go in with the best.”

And who’s the best?

“Gordon Ramsay would be the best. He is the best chef in the world and he has personality as well.”

That should be enough ring-kissing for you, Gordon! Please do this. Please make our dreams come true. It would be such a crossover event, the kind of partnership that the best mismatched buddy cop movies are made of. One day in the future, if this restaurant should ever happen, you will be played by Gary Busey and Usain Bolt will be played by Chris Tucker and everyone will be showered in Oscars and BAFTAs. You’re welcome.

[The Sun via HuffPost]

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