Steve Schmidt Condemns Trump’s Lies, Failures on Coronavirus: What a ‘Clown Show American Governance Has Become’


MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt called out President Donald Trump for hollowing out the competence of the federal government and pointed to the presidents’ many false statements and chaotic, delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic as evidence of the damage Trump has wrought.

Speaking with Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace, Schmidt cited two key narratives from Trump’s 2016 campaign and contrasted them with Trump’s very public refusal to take any responsibility for a lack of testing or his dismissive stance toward the Covid-19’s threat to both public health and the economy for much of the first three months of 2020. The result, Schmidt added, has been the federal government’s embarrassing inability to successfully grapple with the “worst public health and economic crisis of our lifetime.”

“President Trump ran for President of the United States on two propositions: ‘I alone can fix it,’ and ‘I’m going to make America great again,'” Schmidt pointed out. “Well, it’s three years on, it’s slightly under 200 days from the election, more than 40,000 Americans are dead. This didn’t have to be so. It’s so, because the ineptitude of the White House response, the constant denial, the constant downplaying of this, the danger of it pushing it away, his serial unpreparedness and dishonesty with the American people about it and now great suffering has been unleashed in this country.”

“There’s more to come,” Schmidt warned. “The economic distress will make the unemployment numbers higher than the great depression, we’ll wipe out of millions of small businesses in this program. And four years on from the promise ‘I’ll make America great again’ and ‘I alone can fix it,’ we can survey the magnitude of this crisis by the Trump presidency and we see the consequences of putting an ill-tempered reality show TV host who lacks the judgment to be the commander in chief of the most powerful nation on Earth.”

“It should go without mentioning as we look around the world and we look at is response of any other industrialized country the United States’ response is the worst,” Schmidt added, alluding to the fact that the U.S. has the highest official number of both cases and deaths, and lags behind may developed countries in tests performed per capita. “The ineptitude of the federal government shows everybody around the world, from ally to adversary, what a clown show American governance has become.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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