WATCH: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Asks if Joe Biden is Taking Covid ‘Too Seriously’


MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd tried to demonstrate that there are very fine questions on both sides when he asked whether former Vice President Joe Biden is hurting himself politically by taking the coronavirus pandemic “too seriously.”

During a segment on the most recent edition of MTP Live, Todd hosted DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas and Republican operative Michael Steele for a segment that followed footage of a masked Biden addressing reporters after casting his vote for president in Delaware.

“Interesting when you look at both candidates, in some ways one not taking the virus seriously enough at all,” Todd said after introducing his guests, referring to President Donald Trump’s breakneck schedule of packed superspreader rallies and, perhaps, consistent mockery of Covid masks.

But then he pivoted to Biden, adding “and one, if there’s a criticism, might be, is he taking it too seriously, at least when it comes to campaigning?” as Moulitsas let out a visible laugh.

He went on to ask Moulitsas, “Is there any part of you that’s nervous about the light Biden footprint when it comes to campaigning, when it comes to the door-knocking, when it comes to this stuff, it is probably the only hole in the campaign infrastructure, which is obvious why it’s there. It’s due to the pandemic.”

Markos, immediately changed the subject, telling Todd, “Yeah, I was a little more worried, to be honest, about spending a lot more time in Georgia and Texas.”

The ex-veep has spent the presidential race campaigning virtually, or holding socially-distanced campaign and press events, and consistently modeled and encouraged the wearing of face coverings — for which Trump has consistently mocked him.

Karoli Kuns of the blog Crooks and Liars — who flagged the clip Wednesday — gave a blistering assessment of Todd’s performance:

What an insult to the quarter of a million people who have died from it. What an insult to their families. It’s just offensive to have him toss off that question because he has a pathological need for balance, one that says if we have a president who thinks the way to deal with the virus is to ignore it and let people die where they will, the other guy must have a way of dealing with it that’s bad, too.

Seriously, Chuck Todd, please pick up your french horn or whatever else you play and take it up as your new profession because you have no business staying in this one.

Surely there must be another side to this coin. Maybe one, if there is a criticism, might be is Chuck Todd takes journalism too seriously to not ask if a pandemic that has killed a quarter of a million Americans is being taken too seriously?

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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