A Grandma Accidentally Texted a Random Kid About Thanksgiving and Now They’re Spending the Holiday Together

Most of the time, wrong texts lead absolutely nowhere. Other times, however, they lead to unlikely friendships and a heartwarming holiday story that will brighten your day.

This week, Jamal Hinton, a teenager from Phoenix received a text message inviting him to Thanksgiving, only it wasn’t intended for him. He thought that it might be his grandma, though, so he asked her to send a photo of herself. She did, and Hinton confirmed that it was, in fact, the wrong grandma. He sent her a photo back, and messages saying “You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?”

She replied, “Of course you can…that’s what grandma’s (sic) do…feed every one.”


The two met yesterday, and Hinton told People that they had a “great bond.”

He also said that he and his family would join hers for Thanksgiving. “I’m bringing the pumpkin pie!” he said.

[image via Twitter/@RonaldDoee]

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