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Andrew Young Uses Rielle Hunter Moment To Make Edwards Story Creepier

Now that Rielle Hunter is talking (and crying) it’s time for the other player in the John Edwards soap opera to come forward and make the media rounds as well.

Andrew Young was interviewed by HLN’s Joy Behar (in what was billed an exclusive) – but since he was around, he talked to Anderson Cooper too. Results were predictable.

The tone of the two interviews were drastically different. With the lighter HLN show, Young attempted to hone his comic timing. There was this exchange early in the interview, in which Behar quotes from the GQ interview:

Behar: ‘Falling in love with you could really f–k up my plans to be President.’ Does that sound like John Edwards to you?
Young: Yes.
Behar: (Pause) Could you be a little more succinct?
Young: Let me clarify that. He never said that to me.

And everyone laughs. While Young said Hunter was “lying” about the fact that she didn’t already know who Edwards was when they met, a lot of what she said about the former VP candidate was echoed by Young. Also, he dropped this toward the end of the interview, that would have worked well two hours later on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight. “At the same time that she was dating John Edwards she was also dating Jeff Goldblum and led Jeff Goldblum to believe it was his baby as well,” he said, introducing a storyline that hasn’t gotten nearly enough press in these past couple months (but that Hunter denied fully in GQ).

With Cooper, the tone was far more serious. Responding to Hunter’s comment that Young loved Edwards more than his wife (but not more than the media, apparently), Young said:

Of course I love John Edwards. To say I loved him more than my wife is just like a lot of the rest of her story, patently stupid.

Also, Young said Hunter, Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards all agree on one thing: “They believe John Edwards is going to come back and be a world leader. ”

Great. Feel dirty yet? Here’s the HLN clip, and below, CNN’s:

Cooper and Young:

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