Art of the Deal Writer Says Trump Will Resign Before Year’s End: Reminds Me of ‘Last Days of Nixon’


Author Tony Schwartz spent 18 months with Donald Trump putting together The Art of the Deal — Trump’s best-selling book. And having spent so much time with the man who is now President, Schwartz is convinced — he won’t be President much longer.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper: 360 Schwartz confirmed what he’d tweeted yesterday — that he believes Trump will resign before year’s end.”

“I think the snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain,” Schwartz said. “It reminds me a lot of Watergate and the last days of Nixon. When the tide turns, it really turns and that’s what happened here.”

Schwartz has voiced a similar viewpoint before. The difference now is that he believes the end is coming almost immediately.

“[H]e paints even the most disastrous of things he does — including what he said about the events in Virginia over the past week — as evidence of his own brilliance,” Schwartz said. “So what he’s going to do is he’s going to blame it on the Democrats. He’s going to actually blame it on the Republicans. He’s going to blame it on anybody he can and he’s going to say that he did everything he could to save America.”

Cooper concluded the segment by asking Schwartz whether he ever heard Trump express a moral equivalence between racists and those who oppose them.

“The word moral never came up during the 18 months that I spent with Donald Trump,” Schwartz said. “That was not part of his vocabulary…The idea of moral equivalence, I guarantee you that that phrase is no more than a few days old in Donald Trump’s brain.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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