Bear Saves Elderly Hiker’s Life After Getting Mauled By Mountain Lion

ABC News’ Ashton Marra reports the harrowing news of an elderly California hiker who claims to have been savaged by a mountain lion, only to be saved by a bear.

The tale begins Monday when senior citizen explorer Robert Biggs set off on an excursion in Whiskey Flats when he stopped to observe bears drinking near a stream. All of a sudden, a savage mountain lion leaped on him out of nowhere, knocking the old man down, and taking a bite out of his arm.

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The commotion got the bears attention who quickly came to his aid and saved Biggs’ life.

“I think the lion was stalking the bear’s cub and I got in the way,” Biggs observed. “The bear walked calmly back to her cub after, and I wrapped my arm up with a T-shirt and went gold panning before I went home.”

Despite suffering bites and scratches to his arm, Biggs refused medical treatment.

“I poured some hydrogen peroxide on my arm, and it feels fine,” Biggs boasted. “It’s black and blue from the wrist to the elbow and you can still see the puncture wounds, but it feels fine.”

Watch the incredible story below via ABC News:

(h/t ABC News)

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