Beck Gets Fired Up over Ebola: Can We Get ‘Someone with Actual Balls’ on This?!

Glenn Beck has been outraged this entire week at how the government has handled the Ebola crisis (to the point where he participated in a one-sided food fight for an experiment), and kept on it today, expressing extreme anger with President Obama and crying, “We need someone with actual balls to tell the people the truth!”

Because the White House has yet to get behind a travel ban to Ebola-stricken nations, Beck called on all Americans to start “marching in front of the White House” to demand it, because Ebola “is literally going to be the death of all of us if we just don’t use common sense!”

And he had a particularly angry message for the president. “Mr. President, stop hiding behind all of your cabinet members,” Beck said, “Stop hiding behind all of these agencies. You know who’s in charge? You are, sir! You spent a billion dollars for the job, now do the damn job!”

You can watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[image via screengrab]

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