Beck, Miles Away from Dallas Hospital, Rips WH ‘Criminal Incompetence’ on Ebola


Glenn Beck was already worried about Ebola, but today, after learning that four of his employees stayed at the same apartment complex as the second Dallas health care worker with Ebola, he really freaked out. Amber Vinson tested positive for Ebola and is being treated at the hospital (also, it turns out she was on an airplane the day before she developed symptoms).

This is the notice one Blaze employee shared on Twitter today:

And Beck, whose studio is 15 miles away from that Dallas hospital, got really, really concerned today. He didn’t send those four employees home (he doesn’t think they’re infected), but said the CDC should be telling people what to do in these situations. He cried, “We’re not Ebola experts, you nincompoops!”

Beck continued, “This administration and the entire government is going to go down as criminal on this. They’re going to be remembered as criminally incompetent on this.”

But if that wasn’t serious enough, Beck ratcheted things up with a pretty dire warning about the consequences of not stopping Ebola now:

“This is all of us! All of our lives are at stake! The entire future of humankind could be at stake, for the love of Pete! Nobody realizes what a pandemic means! This could wipe out a third or half the population if it would go airborne, like the flu!”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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