Beck Shreds Rubio Over Trump Support: ‘You Have No Credibility With Me Any More’

beckGlenn Beck used to talk about harboring respect for Marco Rubio, but now that Rubio has basically thrown in with Donald Trump, Beck tore into Rubio yesterday over what he deemed as a betrayal.

Rubio has indicated in various Twitter spats over the past week that he’s behind Trump by default because there are no other good options to take down Hillary Clinton. But that’s not good enough for Beck.

He wrote, “Can you have any credibility when you said one thing on the campaign trail and then the opposite after. Were you lying to us then or now Marco?”

Beck credited Bobby Jindal for at least being more honest about his reluctant Trump support and he really let Rubio have it:

I personally don’t understand it but I accept Bobby’s endorsement of trump because it was truthful and I cannot fault him. I don’t agree but at least he was not slimy.

Marco, you are either lying now or when you were running. I don’t know which and I don’t care. You have no credibility with me any more.

You can read his full post here:

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