Bill Maher To Chris Matthews: The O’Donnell Witch Stuff Isn’t Really Important

Chris Matthews had Bill Maher on tonight to talk about (presumably this goes without saying, Christine O’Donnell.

It sort of felt like Matthews had himself ginned up for a good ole boy back-slapping over the insanity of Christine O’Donnell, however Maher quickly threw a bucket of cold water on that assumption early on.

There’s one thing I will say about Christine, she is very sincere…I think she really believes everything she says and devout people love the story of redemption. [Chris Matthews “likes redemption, too!”].

Maher went on to say that when he saw “all this coverage of the witch stuff” he was laughing because “that’s not really important to the election. It’s just a slideshow and it was funny. I don’t think it should hurt her. It was something she was doing in high school.”

However, what’s not so funny is that O’Donnell once told Bill O’Reilly she though stem cell research was resulting in mice with human brains. Maher thinks this is serious because “people could really be helped by stem cell research” and there is a dearth of politicians on the right supporting serious scientific research. Being nice, points out Maher, is not a reason to get elected. Later he speculates Sarah Palin‘s popularity it all a myth. Watch the clip below.

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