Business Insider CEO on CNBC: Social Crackdown on Alex Jones is Not a First Amendment Issue

As conspiracy-mongering radio host Alex Jones gripes about his internet ostracization, Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget defended the right of social media platforms to crack down on abusive content — arguing it’s not a constitutional matter.

“Anyone who says it’s a freedom of speech issue, no it isn’t,” Blodget said on CNBC Tuesday. “The First Amendment is about your right to be able to say stuff and not be thrown in jail by the government for criticizing the government.”

Blodget pointed out that when it comes to private companies, the public isn’t owed a space to publish or broadcast whatever material it wishes.

The real shock, he felt, was that social media outlets didn’t take action sooner.

“I think actually what’s surprising is it’s taking the platforms this long to actually put their foot down and say, ‘you know what, this is not about freedom of speech, this is a private platform, we do not want this stuff on our network,'” he said.

Watch the clip above via CNBC.

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