Capitol Hill Health Care Lobbying Firm Throws ‘White Trash Reception’

Get your sleeveless t-shits out and throw the “Natty Ice” in the cooler: It’s time for a ‘white trash reception.’ The National Journal reported Monday that the health care lobbying firm Strategic Health Care is throwing the white trash bash, complete with “suds and grub” for Capitol Hill’s most influential next week.

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“Grab some suds and grub with Strategic Health Care,” read the email invitation. “Please RSVP (rite so vittles pre-pared).”

National Journal’s Chris Frates notes that these kinds of parties are not out of the ordinary for the lobbying shop, but they usually adopt a tamer theme.

“The firm throws themed parties every couple of months, though past themes have included the decidedly less edgy pirate and cherry blossom varieties,” writes Frates.

Strategic Health Care is a capitol hill lobbying firm dedicated to carrying out research on health care issues. Their weekly bulletin is composed primarily of news relating to the health care industry, but the lobbying firm has also authored reports that showcase the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for patients as well as health care providers.

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