Celebrity Journalists: They’re Just Like Us! Anderson Cooper Tweets Accidentally, World Retweets With Glee

Today, in ANDERSON COOPER TWITTERWATCH ’11: Anderson Cooper has routinely faced various risks, often in extremely dangerous areas of the world, in order to bring us the news, be it by sharing live coverage of Egypt’s revolution or leading viewers on a chase to discover the identity of (dun dun dunnnnn) The Mole.

But even (especially?) popular television journalists make potentially embarrassing mistakes from time to time. Only, when they do so, the entire world stands ready to laugh. Case in point: Cooper recently sent out an indecipherable Tweet, prompting confusion from his over one million followers:

(As you can see, the Tweet was re-Tweeted by “FARTRON” and over one hundred others, and is already gaining traction on Buzzfeed. Because when Anderson Cooper says “Aaa,” the world listens.)

Was Cooper insulting some “asz”hole? Was he frustrated? Did he uncover The Mole‘s identity? Was he still learning how to use the popular social network? No, no worries:

See? Even famous journos leave their phones unlocked, and open to Twitter… and are able to Tweet several letters and punctuation parks out before hitting send. These things happen.

Which is why it’s always important to remember the three top Twitter rules for media professionals:

  • Keep your phone locked, and
  • Keep your phone locked, plus
  • Never keep your phone in your back pocket.
  • (Also: The combination of “fame” and “the internet” kind of sucks, no? We wonder how many times Cooper’s Tweet was emailed by someone’s mother.)

    (Also, also: 100+ Retweets? Seriously?)

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