Choosing The 2012 GOP Candidate Based Purely On Facebook Pictures


Before we know it, the 2012 election will be upon us. Unfortunately though, the field of GOP candidates has yet to narrow itself down. With so many hopefuls in the running, how is one supposed to learn anything personal about who these great men and women really are? I mean, there are only so many debates left to ask them about their pizza crust preferences. Well, we here at Mediaite have the solution.

Facebook photos.

Here in the digital age, Facebook profiles have become the best way for a person to define themselves and the photos they choose to showcase speak volumes about who they are. For instance, Jon’s Facebook photos prove that I’m a person who knows how to use Photoshop (full disclosure Facebook friends: he does not actually have 12-pack abs).

So, as a service to our faithful readers, we have put our politics knowhow, Internet savvy, and good, time-tested character judgment all together to create a handy rubric by which to judge these candidates. We have scoured their official Facebook profiles and selected the best photos to fit in five categories that we think best signify what it takes to be the president of the United States.

The categories are as follows:

Hero Shot – a picture that shows that this person truly is a leader amongst men
Just One of the Folks – a picture that shows that this person isn’t an ivory tower-sitting elitist
Patriotism – a picture that shows that this person loves America more than anything else
Look Who I Met! – a picture that shows that this person has totally awesome friends
Badassery – a picture that shows that this person truly is not a wuss

Once we’ve gone through all of these categories, we will use a very specific mathematical algorithm to add up the results and decide our pick for the winner. Excited? You should be.

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