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Clinton Changes Twitter Avatar from Iconic Blackberry Photo

Hillary Clinton announced at a Clinton Global Initiative University event on Saturday that she was changing her Twitter avatar, at least for one day, in recognition of International Women’s Day.

On Sunday afternoon, she did just that, swapping the iconic photo of her typing on Blackberry in sunglasses for a female silhouette, which linked to a study on gender equity:

The change performed a convenient second function, namely to shift attention away from a photo that’s gained some ironic undertones following the revelation of Clinton’s personal email account while Secretary of State. It’s entirely possible that photo shows Clinton typing an unarchived email.

Chair of the House Select Committee on Benghazi Trey Gowdy (R-SC) even drew attention to the Twitter avi on Face the Nation Sunday morning, claiming that Clinton had turned over no emails from that trip to Libya. Clinton was en route to Tripoli in the photo.

For what it’s worth, Clinton’s Twitter background is still the Blackberry image.

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