Colorado Springs Mayor Suggests Potential Motive Behind Planned Parenthood Shooting

co mayorThe mayor of Colorado Springs is saying there’s no confirmed motive yet to the Planned Parenthood shooter, but did hint at what it could be.

According to the Associated Press, Mayor John Suthers said that people can make “inferences” about the motive due to “where it took place”––a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Since yesterday, there have been concerns that the shooter––identified as Robert Dear––may have been a pro-life extremist, but there’s been no confirmation of that yet.

But Suthers still relayed this comment to a reporter:

In an interview with KCNC this morning, though, Mayor Suthers said there’s “no more indication than generally that there are misdirected folks that might pose a threat to Planned Parenthood.”

He still said there’s nothing known yet about this particular individual.

Watch above, via KCNC.

[image via screengrab]

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