Conservative Site Posts ‘Illegal Alien Christmas Song’


Move over, “Barack the Magic Negro,” pack it in, “Star Spanglish Banner,” the conservative Human Events website has you both beat. They’ve posted a “parody” of Feliz Navidad that ups the ante on hateful shock-jockery, and omits the usual fig leaves of weasel words and framing devices that pros like Rush Limbaugh use.

If there’s a ray of good news here, it’s that the comments on the post, so far, are overwhelmingly negative. Listen to the extremely offensive ditty if you dare.

Think Progress has helpfully transcribed a sample of the lyrics, which feature a comprehensive list of vile stereotypes.  The song is the “brainchild” of the “Fox and Rice Experience,” a pair of writers/producers for Talk Radio Network.

Reaction to the song has been almost uniformly negative on the site, although I particularly enjoyed the first comment, from a guy who understandably didn’t seem to get that this was an attempt at humor:

If those illegals in his yard are doing all that work for him, then he should be imprisoned. He’s contributing to the problems as much as they are and is breaking the law as much as they are.

Whoever wrote that song should be checked to see if he really is employing illegals. He should be imprisoned just as much as they should be deported.

Whether Human Events will remove this post is an open question. The duo’s catalog features a bit called “Sasha Obama’s Big Mouth,” in which they take shots at the President’s youngest daughter, calling her “Procreation gone horribly wrong.” It got some pretty intense negative reaction on the site, yet remains there to this day.

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