Daily Beast Columnist Goes Full Truther, Refuses to Believe San Bernardino Shooter Supported ISIS


Daily Beast columnist and alleged comedian Dean Obeidallah is not happy that evidence has emerged showing one of the San Bernardino shooters pledged their allegiance to ISIS, going on Twitter to openly question the media’s reporting on the subject.

NBC, Fox News, CNN, and The New York Times have all independently confirmed the ISIS allegiance posting (CNN’s report even cited three separate officials). To answer Obeidallah’s question, “no one [saw]” the posting because according to The Times, the couple “took steps to delete their electronic information to cover their tracks.”

(UPDATE: 2:05 PM ET): And now a Facebook executive has confirmed to Associated Press that the shooter left a message praising terrorist groups as the shooting began.

Obeidallah, who is himself Muslim and believes radical Islam is a nonexistent “made-up idea,” had spent much of the previous day downplaying any notion that the San Bernardino attacks had anything to do with Islam, hinting that a workplace argument or mental illness could be the cause. 

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