Daily Caller EIC Defends Milo Column By Comparing Him to ‘Putin and a Hamas Terrorist’


Earlier this week, The Daily Caller decided to publish an op-ed from disgraced former Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The column was related to the recent sexual harassment and assault revelations about actor Kevin Spacey, including allegations that Spacey targeted young teenage boys, and featured Milo addressing his past statements seen as pro-pedophilia.

“I will always reserve the right to make light of my own experiences at the hands of a Catholic priest in England,” he wrote. “I won’t allow witch-hunts from Left or Right to silence my voice on this or any other subject.”

As you may remember, Yiannopoulos was forced to resign from Breitbart in February over comments that had resurfaced in which he seemed to be defending sexual relationships between minors and adults.

The timing of DC’s publishing Milo’s column and their decision to bring him on as an opinion contributor is interesting considering that just the day before the column’s publication, billionaire Robert Mercer publicly denounced Yiannopoulos and said he was mistaken to have financially supported him in the past. Mercer’s announcement followed BuzzFeed’s blockbuster report on Milo’s connections with white supremacists and how white nationalist voices were given a platform at Breitbart.

In response to questions about why the Daily Caller would provide Milo a platform, editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll told TheWrap’s Jon Levine — a Mediaite alum — that this was akin to the New York Times giving op-ed space to terrorists and Vladimir Putin:

“If NYT can publish the likes of Vladimir Putin and a Hamas terrorist (without informing their audience of his conviction), then we can entertain opeds from Milo, the value of which you can read for yourself,” Ingersoll told TheWrap in an email. “Also, he’s not reporting for us. There’s a distinct difference between the opinion section here and the news section, like most other media outlets.”

“Nobody uses Putin’s oped to call into question the credibility of Maggie Haberman’s reporting. We expect the same standard from our media colleagues,” he added.

Following the publication of Milo’s first DC column, ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum fired off this thread on Twitter about the Daily Caller’s decision to bring Yiannopoulos aboard:

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