David Frum: Fox News Has An Interest In Marginalizing The GOP

David Frum continued his ‘Waterloo’ media rounds this weekend stopping by Reliable Sources to further discuss both his firing from AEI and his continuing takedown of the GOP’s decision-making throughout the health care process and its relationship with the GOP. It’s unhealthy relationship with Fox. Says Frum: “The Republicans originally thought that Fox works for us, and now we’re discovering we work for Fox.” He elaborated for Howie Kurtz:

What that means is that Fox, like Limbaugh, has an interest in pushing the Republicans to the margins, making people angry. When people are angry and alienated, they don’t vote. They succumb to feelings of helplessness. What people need right now are feelings of power, that they can make a difference by participating in politics.

Actually, I’m not sure how it benefits Fox to keep people from voting and, alas, Frum was not able to elaborate further due to time constraints. It’s certainly no secret that the extreme rhetoric has resulted in great ratings for Fox, however, whether they are overly concerned with the effects of that rhetoric remains to be seen. The fact the GOP is so vulnerable to the power of the Fox meme I think says as much about their lack of direction as anything. Ironically, this hard love Frum is peddling of late sounds a teeny bit like the hard love Glenn Beck was peddling at CPAC last month, though it’s hard to imagine the two finding any common ground beyond this. Video below.

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