Did Brent Bozell Storm Out Of CPAC Because Of A Speaking Downgrade?

Earlier today, rumors popped up that Brent Bozell, Founder of the Media Research Center, decided to leave CPAC after learning his speaking role at the conference would be diminished. Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher — who is attending CPAC — quoted MRC sources in a series of tweets as saying the organization decided to “pull out” of the event. CPAC organizers allegedly told Bozell that he wasn’t prominent enough for his original slot, and was instead downgraded to a less visible role:

The Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor reported that a company-wide email was sent out telling the staff that they had pulled out. And a CPAC spokesperson confirmed MRC’s’s departure to Poor from the event:

“We offered Brent Bozell the opportunity to participate as a moderator and speaker of one of our events,” she said. “He chose not to accept that opportunity.”

Bozell didn’t mention anything about the incident on his Twitter feed, and calls to his public relations team were not returned (we’ll update if we hear anything).

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