Donald Trump Rants About Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar Stunt, Wishes Ryan Seacrest Would’ve Punched Him

From the confines of his Manhattan office, Donald Trump saw the need to vent his feelings over Sacha Baron Cohen’s Academy Award stunt. He was not happy about it. Trump was certainly fired up when the incident happened and apparently the dust has yet to settle. He was compelled to spew criticism about Cohen, the award show security, and even Vanity Fair‘s after party.

Trump begins his formal address, “This third rate character named Sacha Baron Cohen thought he was being cute and funny when he threw ashes at Ryan Seacrest.” Trump then suggested that Cohen should have been physically abused for his actions. After vouching for Seacrest’s “greatness,” Trump transitioned into Apprentice mode and demanded that the security guard should be fired for being so passive.

Trump continued his oration, “I only wish that Ryan took a swing at ’em, and I only wish that the security guard that allowed it all to happen; number one gets fired, and number two go to school. Learn about being security, you don’t know man.” Once he ran out of wishes, he commented on the decline of Vanity Fair‘s party and their less-than-stellar after party.

According to what Trump heard, “It was boring, people were sleeping, nobody enjoyed it, there was no good feeling” Coincidentally, Flo Rida was not in attendance.

Watch Trump’s rant below, via his YouTube channel:

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