Elizabeth Warren Destroys Scott Brown and Trump: ‘Celebrity Apprentice Meets The Biggest Loser’

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Party superstar Elizabeth Warren has made it her mission in life to roast presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump like a 200-lb chuck shoulder, and on Saturday, Warren served him up with a side order of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. In her speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Warren sounded the now-familiar notes about Donald Trump as a “thin-skinned money-grubber,” but found fresh inspiration in former opponent Scott Brown, whom Trump once floated as a possible running mate.

After “apologizing” to the crowd for defeating Brown, thus sending him off to an unsuccessful senatorial bid in New Hampshire, Warren mocked the possibility of a Donald Trump-Scott Brown ticket with a series of crack one-liners that referenced the controversy over her Native American heritage, Trump’s and Brown’s shared weirdness about their daughters, and one particularly Hillary Clinton-centric barb:

Let’s face it, nobody knows more about losing to a girl than Scott Brown.

Warren also made plenty of one-on-one time for Trump, as well, whom she called a “thin-skinned racist bully”:

If history is any indication, Warren’s tirade should bring a response from Trump that will likely rhyme with “Shcmocahontas.”

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