Eric Cantor: Pelosi’s Comments On Jewish Republicans Are ‘Patronizing And Deeply Insulting’

In an interview on Friday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that Jewish Republicans are “being exploited” by the part. Eric Cantor, one of the most high-profile Jewish Republicans in Congress, responded to Pelosi’s remarks in a statement earlier today, calling the comment “patronizing and deeply insulting.”

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Cantor released this short statement, strongly rebuking Pelosi for saying that Jewish Republicans are being exploited by the GOP leadership taking such a strong stance on Israel.

“It is both patronizing and deeply insulting for Nancy Pelosi to suggest any Jew is ‘exploited’ for their political beliefs or that support for Israel is somehow an ‘excuse’ for anything. Such thinking diminishes the importance of issues affecting Jews everywhere.”

h/t HuffPo

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