Even Fox & Friends is Criticizing Trump For ‘Sh*thole’ Remark: ‘The President Made a Mistake’


We’ve spent roughly the past 16 hours collecting the media’s reactions to President Donald Trump‘s reported “sh*thole” comment. This particular commentary is undoubtedly the mildest of the many we’ve featured. But it is also, in many ways, the most shocking.

On Friday morning, Fox & Friends — the president’s favorite morning news show — actually, incredibly, criticized Trump for the reported remark.

“The president made a mistake making those comments,” Kilmeade said. “No question.”

“Sure,” Rachel Campos-Duffy said in agreement.

“He said things about Haiti and El Salvador, and we should have more people from Norway,” Kilmeade said. “Not positive, not gonna move the story forward. I think he should walk it back at some point.”

“He’s not gonna,” said the unquestionably loyal Steve Doocy — who actually kept his head down during most of Kilmeade’s critique, as if it genuinely pained him.

“Maybe he does,” Kilmeade said. “Maybe this will be the time he does because he wants to get things done.”

So did the Fox & Friends gang actually reach the president with their extremely rare criticism? Kilmeade’s remarks aired at 7:06 a.m. ET. At 7:28, Trump Tweeted what appears to be a denial of the “shithole” comment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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