CNN Piles on Jesse Watters for Defending ‘Sh*thole’ Comments: ‘An Indictment of the Trump Base’

CNN’s New Day was not impressed on Friday when they reported on Jesse Watters and his defense of President Donald Trump‘s alleged remarks about “people from sh*thole countries.”

Watters addressed Trump’s comments on The Five last night by dismissing their racially-charged element and saying “this is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar.” John Berman referred to Fox News as “the president’s official cable network.” New York Times columnist Charles Blow added that Watters basically conceded that Trump supporters are racist.

“That is an indictment of the Trump base,” said Blow. “They’re basically saying ‘this is racist and this is how we talk and this is perfectly okay.'”

Alisyn Camerota pushed back on Blow by saying Watters actually indicted Trump supporters by suggesting that they’re all casual racists.

“That’s not fair. That’s not how they feel actually,” said Camerota. “I talk to them all the time. I never hear them say what the president said in the oval office. They don’t say racist things like that.”

This led to a debate about whether people give implicit approval to Trump’s racism by supporting him, or if that idea paints people with too broad a brush.

Watch above, via CNN.

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