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Everyone “Shut Up” And Get Out Of Rick Sanchez’s Way

CNN’s Rick Sanchez has a new slogan, that he revealed on Twitter: “Shut up and watch TV!”

In a TwitVid today, you see his process for preparing to report on the Philippines hostage story. It’s very intense.

Sanchez has been using Twitter to post some behind-the-scenes videos of the newsroom in action. His tweet today previewed the opening segment: “*VIDEO* Behind/Scenes Mon. at CNN. Sanchez & crew prepare the Philippine hostage story. Shut up and watch TV!”

The hostage bus story had great video. Sanchez’ advice for the media: “Don’t get in its way.”

How do we set the hook well enough to make Americans, our viewers, care? Sometimes the best part of a good story is just letting the story be a good story. And my hunch is that’s the way we have to play this today…Sometimes we have a tendency to get in the way of a good story by over-telling it. And sometimes what you need to do is really get out of the way and let the viewer experience the story.

Here’s the TwitVid, and below, how Sanchez opened the show with the story:

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