‘Failure Friday’: Morning Joe Takes a Victory Lap After Health Care Implosion


Morning Joe opened Friday with little short of unbridled glee.

With co-host Joe Scarborough seemingly on vacation every other day these days, the regular gang was led by Mika Brzezinski. Just hours after the final collapse of the GOP health care effort, the knives came out sharp and early.

The word on Brzezinski’s lips — “failure.”

“In the end it was just three Republican Senators who voted against health care reform, but it was enough to stop the bill in its tracks. Now the GOP faces a reckoning with an embarrassing failure in Congress and a failing presidency.”

So smug, so saccharine, so pleased “failure” — the words dripped out like molasses.

But let’s proceed.

“If you want to know what failure looks like, take a look at the last 36 hours of the Trump presidency. President Trump tried to lay blame for the health care failure at the feet of three Republicans and the Democrats but in the end he wasn’t able to keep his party unified and failed to deliver on a key campaign promise for his base.”

The failure just kept coming.

“Good morning everyone,” she squeaked, her voice breaking a bit. “It’s Friday everyone. Thank God it’s Friday right. Lot of failures on this failure Friday … I think failure Friday. Let’s hashtag it,” she said.

That happened a few hours later.

Donny Deutsch then said the president was impotent.

Happy friday everyone.

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