Feinstein: NY Times Benghazi Report ‘Doesn’t Jibe with Me’

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) called into question the central thesis of a recent New York Times article arguing that the 2012 attack on the American Benghazi consulate had not been perpetrated by al Qaeda.

“I believe that groups loosely associated with al Qaeda were” involved, she said to The Hill. “That’s my understanding.” She added that the alternate explanation, that the attack had been catalyzed by an anti-Islam YouTube video, “doesn’t jibe with me.”

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However, after The Hill ran with the headline “Feinstein rejects NYT on Benghazi,” a spokesperson for Feinstein’s office qualified those remarks.

“When Senator Feinstein said ‘loosely affiliated’ she clearly was referring to groups not directly connected to (or taking orders from) core AQ in Pakistan — which was essentially the conclusion of The New York Times as well,” Brian Weiss told The Hill. “So to say she ‘rejected’ the conclusion of The New York Times is an overstatement.”

[h/t The Hill]

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