Footage of ‘Mexican Border’ In Newest Trump Ad Is Actually in Morocco

Republican presidential Donald Trump‘s newest ad purports to show thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across the Mexican border. But evidence has emerged proving the event in the ad actually took place an entire ocean away.

Fact-checking website Politifact wasted no time in examining the first television ad from their 2015 Lie of the Year winner. They found that video can be traced back to footage obtained by Italian channel RepubblicaTV, and depicted thousands of Morrocans trying to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla in 2014.

Here’s the Morocco footage:


And here’s the Trump ad:

Trump ad 2

However, the Trump ad presented the Morocco footage as the Mexican border. “He’ll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for,” the narration claims, while the caption reads “STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.”

It’s possible that the inclusion of misleading footage was accidental. But oddly enough, the RepubblicaTV logo and time codes were both cropped out for the ad.

Politifact awarded Trump a “Pants on Fire” for the ad, their lowest possible rating. But the Trump campaign addressed the discrepancy in a, uh, unique statement to NBC.

[Image via screengrab]
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