George Soros To Marry For Third Time At Age 82

Political lightning rod George Soros is set to wed for the third time, the New York Post is reporting.

The billionaire investor, whose name has becoming practically synonymous with left-wing politics and causes, announced his recent engagement to 40-year-old businesswoman Tamiko Bolton as he celebrated his 82nd birthday at his home in the Hamptons. Page Six reports that, according to their source, Soros announced that the two plan to tie the knot next summer in Southampton.

She is described as an “attractive brunette has an MBA from the University of Miami and works as a consultant in health care and education, ” who has also “started an Internet-based dietary supplement and vitamin-sales company and, more recently, a Web-based yoga-education platform.”

Oh, and:

When asked if there is a pre-nup, Soros’ attorney William D. Zabel said: “It is well known that Mr. Soros will leave the bulk of his estate to charity but he intends to provide generously for his wife.”

h/t New York Post

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