Glenn Beck: ‘NBC Has Gone Full-Fledged Dark and Insane’ with Sochi Commentary

Some conservative websites and commentators have expressed outrage that NBC’s Olympics opening video referred to communism as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments,” and Glenn Beck joined in Monday to vent at NBC, mockingly crying, “I didn’t realize that killing 50 million people was a pivotal experiment!”

Beck said, “I couldn’t believe NBC has gone full-fledged dark and insane.” He said in any sane country “this would brand NBC as a communist network,” and seriously doubted anyone at any time would dare refer to fascism in the same way. He explained that Russians had a “collective heart” in those days “because they had a gun to their head!”

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Beck played more audio from the video, and when it got to the line “it’s resisted any notion of limitation,” Beck shouted, “It couldn’t resist! Every time there was a brutal dictator, whether it was a czar or a Soviet dictator, they couldn’t resist!”

He asked in conclusion, “NBC, are you now trying to do to the rest of your network what you’ve done to your news department?”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[photo via screengrab]

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