GOP Consultant Talks Bad Political Behavior With Chris Hayes But Can’t Avoid Swearing


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.42.18 PMTonight, Chris Hayes had Rick Wilson on All In With Chris Hayes. You know Wilson as the GOP consultant who has said graphic things about members of the alt-right, has paraded his disdain for Donald Trump for all to see, and — oh yeah, that’s right, it’s all coming back now — asked Ann Coulter if Trump pays her more for anal after she made fun of him for being upset that self-identified Breitbart readers threatened to rape his daughter.

There isn’t much of a filter on Wilson, basically.

In a segment called “Trumpster Fire,” Hayes asked Wilson about the motivation any Republican lawmaker would have to stand with Trump. Wilson said, simply, that eventually, members of the GOP will see that Trump “is not 20 feet tall” and that they are more than able to turn their backs on him this election season.

How he said it, though, is perhaps the most interesting part.

“That’ll give [Republicans] some cover to do the right thing,” he said of Clinton’s eventual climb in the polls. “in the venal, shitty — oops, sorry — political way that they behave in a lot of cases.”

Hayes was heard laughing a little when Wilson was speaking, but followed up the consultant’s little speech with, “Apologies for that language.”

“Sorry guys!” said Wilson.

“It was fine,” said Hayes. “Well, it was not fine; it was honest, though. It was an accurate characterization of the way politicians often behave.”

The shade!

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