Bristol Palin’s Ex-Fiancé Reveals They’re Actually Married Now

This just in: Two people named after places have filed the necessary paperwork to be seen as a unit in the eyes of the state!

The road to Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin‘s wedded bliss is a lot rockier than that makes it seem, to be honest. First, they were engaged in March of 2015. Then, six days before their wedding in May of that year, they were not engaged anymore. When June rolled around, we learned that she was pregnant with her second child. The baby the abstinence-only sex education advocate went on to have was revealed to be Meyer’s and as recently as four weeks ago, they were “#coparenting,” according to her Instagram.

Well, according to Meyer‘s Instagram, the two are married now.

Entertainment Tonight got the exclusive confirmation of their union, so head over there if you’re interested in seeing some rings.

Are you surprised or what?

[image via screengrab]

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