Gossip Cop: Steve Martin Swindled In Art Forgery Scandal

In a scandal the likes of which would be gradually and delicately revealed over the course of his new novel (yes, I read it and, yes, I quite enjoyed it), it appears that Steve Martin has been caught up in an art forgery scandal. Our friends over at Gossip Cop have confirmed the story with a “a source close to the comedian.” Presumably Martin would have talked about the case himself but, every time he tries, people get bored and send up notes asking him to do quotes from The Jerk instead.

Martin is just one victim in what Spiegel is calling “Germany’s biggest art forgery scandal since World War II.” Apparently though, he got his pretty hard.

From Gossip Cop:

“The actor-author-musician, who set his recent novel ‘An Object of Beauty’ in the art world, purchased what he thought was a 1915 painting by Heinrich Campendonk called ‘Landscape With Horses’ for approximately $850,000 in 2004.

When he attempted to resell the work 15 months later, Martin’s painting took a big loss, fetching only about $600,000.”

Ouch. I guess he’ll have to do a few more movies he doesn’t want to talk about. Either that or everyone can buy his latest book. Oh! Then we can all talk about it! Mediaite book club!

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