Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Tells NY Times Paul Krugman To ‘Go To Hell’ Over 9/11 Column

There has been quite a reaction to Paul Krugman’s instantly infamous 9/11 blog post entitled “The Year’s of Shame.” Donald Rumsfeld claimed it caused him to cancel his New York Times subscription, Fox News has been all over it like a hawk, and, even in a column entitled “Forgive Paul Krugman For Calling 9/11 ‘An Occasion For Shame,’” our own Tommy Christopher wrote that the post featured “several stupid, wrong things in that small space.” On The Five yesterday though, Greg Gutfeld took it upon himself to sum up what he believed was the nation’s collective response: “Go to hell, Paul Krugman, you bearded bitter buffoon.”

While not using such harsh terms, the rest of the panel seemed to agree. Of course, all of them except Bob Beckel don’t like Krugman on a good day, but it was notable seeing Dana Perino clearly taking the post personally as it featured large swipes at her former boss, George W. Bush. The conversation soon turned to whether or not the New York Times even reads Krugman’s stuff before letting it run considering both the content as well as some nasty typos.

After this, The Five‘s hosts changed gears and got equally passionate about the question of whether airplane bathrooms are even big enough for the “mile high club” which, I suppose, is a pretty good distillation of the show’s appeal.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:


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