Heckler Interrupts Supreme Court to Protest Citizens United

And here’s exhibit Z why there should be cameras in the Supreme Court: a heckler interrupted proceedings on Wednesday to denounce campaign finance law and the high court’s ruling in the Citizens United case. Witnesses in the room say the justices were largely unfazed and the official written transcript of the proceedings left his remarks out.

Again, there were no cameras in the court to capture what was going on, but this protestor reportedly shouted “Money is not speech!” and “Overturn Citizens United!” before police removed him from the room. There haven’t been many outbursts in the history in the Supreme Court; this is the third reported instance in the past two decades.

The heckler has been charged with violating federal law, because apparently it’s that serious a crime to lob “loud threatening or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building.”

[photo via Jarek Tuszynski]

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