Here’s the 1999 Donald Trump ‘New York Values’ Interview Cruz Has Been Talking About

trump 99In continuing his “New York values” line of attack, Ted Cruz brought up an interview Donald Trump gave years ago in which he himself emphasized his New York background as being important to his political philosophy. And now we have that interview.

Cruz’s campaign posted the video earlier today of Trump with Tim Russert on Meet the Press in 1999. Russert asked Trump about gay marriage. Trump didn’t want to comment on it, but said he has no problem with gays in the military.

He explained, “I’ve lived in New York City and Manhattan all my life, okay? So my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa.”

When Russert asked Trump about abortion, he said he’s “pro-choice in every respect” and again cited his New York background, which he said has a “different attitude” from most of the country.

Trump has, of course, not taken Cruz’s attack lying down. He repeatedly invoked 9/11 to push back against Cruz’s swipe at New York.

Watch above, via NBC News.

[h/t Gawker]
[image via screengrab]

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