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Hillary Beating Every Other 2016 Candidate on Facebook (Unless Trump Can Poke Her)

hillary-clintonIf you missed Donald Trump‘s big announcement on TV today, you probably saw something about it on social media. And while the numbers aren’t in for Trump, it’s already clear that Hillary Clinton is owning the Facebook game against every other presidential candidate in either party. Facebook started tracking interactions during the first 24 hours following a candidacy announcement with the first candidate to announce, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, but even he is getting less than half of the Facebook buzz that Clinton is.

According to Vox:

In the 24 hours surrounding Clinton’s announcement on April 12, 4.7 million people produced 10.1 million interactions on Facebook. Cruz is a very distant second, with 2.1 million people creating 5.5 million interactions, about half of Hillary’s performance.

Vox says it shouldn’t be a huge surprise considering Clinton’s popularity and name recognition. But on that subject, there is some bad news for Jeb Bush: He also has a well-known name, but his first 24 hours only generated about 500,000 interactions on Facebook. That puts him six spots behind Clinton, still ahead of Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry but behind Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

It’s possible that while Clinton is greatly benefiting from name recognition on social media, Bush is greatly suffering from… name recognition. Possibly everywhere.

[h/t Vox]

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