Imagine the Liberal Outrage If Those Naked Trump Statues Were of Hillary Clinton

title cardBy now you’ve likely seen what quickly became the stuff of viral gold this week: a team of street artists constructed a series of very naked Donald Trump statues and installed them in public places.

Here in New York, the erection of the statue — which features a teeny Trumpy weeny and testicles nowhere to be seen — was an immediate hit in Union Square. It became a popular selfie destination on Thursday, before the NYC Parks Department took it down.

But as much fun at it is to laugh at the idea of Trump testes turtling up given his language on the subject during the primaries, I quickly realized that the public’s reaction would never have been the same if an artist had installed one of, say, Hillary Clinton¬†or Bernie Sanders. Liberal outrage is selective, and if a conservative street artist took a shot the other way, justice in the court of public opinion would be swift, and I suspect the Parks Department would never have issued the sarcastic reply it did in this case: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

The rules of acceptable public mockery do not apply equally. Watch the video above via the Mediaite Facebook page.

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