It Only Took Scarborough 30 Seconds Into His Morning Broadcast to Swipe at CNN’s Cuomo (Again)


On Wednesday morning’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough didn’t take long to criticize his CNN rival Chris Cuomo of New Day. As a matter of fact, it happened in the opening minute of the 6 a.m. EST hour, with Scarborough taking a swipe at Cuomo’s ego.

Not that it came off as a planned criticism per se; the MSNBC host was joking about who earns the top billing on the venerable morning show. Louis Burgdorf had intro’d the show moments before in an unusual way: by calling it “Morning Joe with Mike Barnicle and Joe Scarborough,” swapping the usual order of the hosts (Mika Brzezinski is off Wednesday).

“By the way my agent wants to know. Mike Barnicle gets top billing, really?” said the show’s host light-heartedly. But then inextricably, Scarborough used the opportunity to invoke Cuomo’s name.

“No that’s the sort of thing somebody like Chris Cuomo would worry about. I’m good,” he said before promptly moving the conversation along.

This is just the latest subtle example of a Scarborough v. Cuomo feud that has slowly simmered over quite some time. Just last week in an interview with Vanity Fair, Scarborough said, “[Cuomo’s] obviously unhinged,” continuing, “We’ve never said anything bad about him, never said anything negative about the show, never said anything negative about the show. But he apparently is becoming unhinged for some reason.” Earlier this Fall, Cuomo called out the Morning Joe duo as being “boosters” for Donald Trump‘s candidacy; he also once retweeted a user who identified the MSNBC morning show as “racist propaganda TV.” Of course — as we’ve well documented — the spat between Morning Joe and CNN extends far beyond just Chris Cuomo.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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