Julie Roginsky Talks Susan Rice on Fox; No Mention of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky, who is suing the network and two executives for sexual harassment, showed up for work on Tuesday. Appearing on “America’s Newsroom” to debate conservative pundit Rachel Campos-Duffy, Roginsky acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, as did everyone else.

The topic was the allegation that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice unmasked the names of Trump campaign staffers. Roginsky felt that while President Trump was claiming vindication for his earlier allegation that he was wiretapped by President Obama, it was just a deflection.

“What Trump is doing is so typical,” she said. “Where you’re making someone that you maligned, as he has President Obama, and you’re trying to make yourself be the victim. In fact, [President Obama] was the victim and Trump was the victimizer. He said something about President Obama that was completely false, maligned him, and then turned it right around on President Obama as if President Obama is the victimizer, when it’s really Donald Trump.”

Check out the whole segment above, courtesy of Fox News.

UPDATE: Roginsky tweeted this later in the morning:

[image via screengrab]

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