Fox’s Stuart Varney and Corey Lewandowski: ‘Deep State’ Helped ‘NBC Jihad’ Against Trump


On Wednesday, Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney picked up where Sean Hannity left off on Tuesday night and targeted NBC’s “corporate jihad” against President Donald Trump.

After playing a clip from Hannity’s anti-NBC commentary, he turned to former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for his take on the widely-maligned Trump tax form broadcast by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on the same evening.

Varney first asked, “What do you make of the NBC jihad against your candidate, Donald Trump?”

Lewandowski singled out Maddow as being among a “group of pundits who said that Donald Trump would never run for office — that he was never a real candidate.” He continued, “Here’s what it comes down to: anybody who released the President’s taxes or a summary of his tax return have [sic] committed a felony.”

The Fox Business Network anchor followed up by emphasizing that “it seems that President Trump has what’s being called a deep state problem. That would be…the federal bureaucracy, staffed with holdovers from the Obama administration — committed to President Obama’s policies — now leaking left, right, and center to try to damage President Trump.”

Varney then speculated that someone at the IRS leaked the Trump tax return.

The former Trump campaign manager replied by playing up how “not long ago…we know that the IRS was targeting conservative groups internally, as it related to their tax status; and refusing to give tax status to certain conservative groups. We know that, in the past, the IRS has not been truthful as [sic] their testimony in front of Congress.”

Lewandowski also pointed out that the government tax agency placed Mr. Trump under audit for years, and included the IRS in the “deep state [that] is truly operating…they will do anything they can to damage this president.”

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