Liberal Radio Host Mike Malloy Wishes He Could Suffocate Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, who just yesterday worried that calls for civility from the left were truly censorship, should be happy to know that at least one liberal isn’t signing up for civility. Liberal radio host Mike Malloy had a few opinions he wanted to share about “mass killer” Dick Cheney and Limbaugh, and none of them were pleasant.

Malloy, on defending his use of violent rhetoric from accusations, from fellow liberal Keith Olbermann:

“The rhetoric that comes from me is the rhetoric of rage . . . and, have their been violent images? Of course. Rush Limbaugh choking on his throat fat – that you know, to me, that is not a threat. I can’t, I wish I could, but I can’t reach into his throat and jiggle up his throat fat so he suffocates. I can’t do it.”

It seems Malloy might realize that if he was forced to be civil, what would he actually talk about? At least give him some credit though, since at one point he admits knowing “I say things that make people say ‘well I’m never going to listen to him again.'” Now that’s something on which everyone can agree.

Listen to the clip below from The Mike Malloy Show below:

(h/t Radio Equalizer)

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